Halal Standardisation Is Key For Kazan Halal International Trade Fair 2012

The third International Trade Fair KAZANHALAL 2012 will gather Russian Muslims and business under...

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The third International Trade Fair KAZANHALAL 2012 will gather Russian Muslims and business under one roof.

The International Trade Fair Kazan Halal 2012 is another great mark for the residents of Russia. Later on in the year Moscow will host the annual Islamic Business Exhibition but in the meantime, domestic investors and businesses will see first-hand why Halal standardisation is such a big deal.

Kazan Halal is an annual event which is strongly supported by the government of the Republic of Tatarstan in promoting cross-border investments especially in Islamic Finance and Halal Industry.

The event will be attended by various reputable organizations, institutions, traders and individual visitors. Kazan Halal aims to promote Russia's unique brand of halal certified goods to other businesses. They say that halal is used for "not only products of religious importance, but as healthy food meeting all the modern ecological requirements."

In doing so, business with a focal halal point will support domestic businesses and develop regional and international ties across Europe by tapping into a billion dollar market with ethics. As Kazan Halal put it, they advocate "Halal as a new mark of quality".

The exhibition programme will include the Forum "Halal Industry in Russia and CIS", conferences and round tables will cover a broad range of issues concerning the production, logistics, consulting, marketing and promotion of halal products, as well as halal standardisation.

The third International Trade Fair Kazan Halal 2012 will be held in Kazan on May 19-21, 2012.

*Please note, the discount deadline for tickets has expired.

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